Reservation policy

At the time of the reservation the client undertakes to read the description of the house and to know its particularities, rules, you are. In the event that it has not done so, it is also obliged to comply with all the regulations on accommodation.

1. Entries (check-in) and outputs (check-out)

Input: from 17h00
Output: before 12h00
These schedules can be flexible under the specific circumstances of accommodation. It must be agreed with the owner.
2. Admission:
The owner is the person in charge of the reception. Its contact number is: (+376) 335 248. You can be called or sent a message for WhatsApp.
At the time of arrival, the Tourism Hosting Employment Register will be completed if necessary.
3. Pending payment:
At the time of delivery of the access key to the host, the total outstanding amount of the reservation will be paid.

4. Reserve cancel:

The client who wishes to cancel, override or modify the reservation effect must communicate by email.

In the event that cancellation, cancellation or modification is communicated with an antelation of more than 30 calendar days before the scheduled date of entry, the pay and signal will be returned in full. (0% withholding).

In case cancellation, cancellation or modification is communicated with an antel.lation between 15 and 30 calendar days before the scheduled date of entry, pay and signal will be returned in 50% of the reserve (50% withholding).

In case cancellation, cancellation or modification is communicated with an antel.lation less than 15 calendar days before the expected date of entry, the client will lose the full pay and signal (100% withholding) and will have to pay by bank transfer the rest of the total amount of the reserve. If the client does not present the day of the host entry, the same criterion will apply.

5. Change of the confirmed reservation.

If the modification implies a change of the entry and/or output dates of the host, it can only be changed if there is new availability of dates and provided that the modification is requested before 15 calendar days on the entry date of the host and that it has not passed 48 hours of the submission of the 'Reserve Merge” email. It can be changed by a date before the date initially reserved or later with a maximum of one month.

6. User duties:

During the stay in the hosting the user assumes the responsibility of himself and the companions to comply at each time, the duties in force:

a) to respect at all times the rules of good cohabitation and hygiene and to comply with the obligations of the rules of use or internal obligation.

b) Communicate any anomaly, damage, or risk detected situation in the property or installations. In the event of any damage, the holder of the reservation will have to communicate it to the owner and always before the outgoing of the host, to avoid misunderstood.

c) Leave the accommodation in the same good order and cleaning as at the time of arrival. The boat must be clean and straightened out. The junk must have been collected and deposited in the respective public containers. The fridge and the freezer must be empty and without food and/or drink residues.

D) During the stay it is not allowed to celebrate parties that may damage the accommodation or cause inconvenience to the neighborhood.

e) The number of people pernocating in accommodation must be exactly the same as indicated in the .Reserve Trust” e-mail and at no time can there be more people than the maximum capacity of the house. Failure to comply with this duty will result in the automatic cancellation of the reserve with the total loss of the price paid. Visitor stay or hamlet is not allowed, except express authorization from the owner.

f) The barbecue will have to be completely switched off after use. Fire must always be under the supervision of an adult, any misuse could cause irreparable damage as the risk of fire is high.

g) A rational use of heating is required. It is recommended to put it at most 21 degrees, which is the ideal temperature of comfort. The fact that radiators are cold does not mean that heating does not work. It indicates that the temperature is adequate.

h) As far as the chimney is concerned, a rational use of pellets is required. The usual consumption for a weekend stay is 2 sacks.

i) The establishment does not take charge of any loss, damage, cancellation or any additional expense suffered by the client during the stay. Property is not responsible for the loss or oblivion of objects; however, if an object is found in the house when doing the cleaning, the owner will have no problem sending it to the address indicated by sending against repackaging.

7. Animals:
No animals allowed.
8. Smoking:
No smoking is allowed inside the house.
9. Services:
The owner makes available to the client a number of products such as wines and caves with a price letter. In case of consumption, the day of the output should be paid.

Last updated: 10/08/2022